Grading Policy

I inspect my pins by either using a handheld detailing light or using natural sunlight. Grading is subjective to each pin maker, and can vary from shop to shop.

Every pin is handmade and there may be slight imperfections or variations that can occur. As such, "perfect pins" are rare and so I have based my grading scale with that in mind. I am a perfectionist and I have high standards for my pins. I just want to make sure you love my pins as much as I do! 

A-GRADE/STANDARD: No noticeable flaws, but a few imperfections. Generally, these imperfections are very minor and can include things such as the following:

  • Very minor enamel (color) under fill
  • Minor flaws with the metal plating (metal discoloration or enamel filling)
  • Light surface scuffing or light scratches
  • Tiny dust particles or tiny air bubbles in the enamel (color)
  • Minor offsets in screen printed details


B-GRADE: This is a slightly lower quality of pin with more noticeable flaws or imperfections upon close inspection. B-Grades are subsequently priced at a slightly lower price, making this great for more casual collectors and fans. The majority of B-Grades are still great and some are very close to what I consider A-Grades. Imperfections may include any of the A-Grade/Standard criteria stated above, and may also have any of the following:

  • Missing enamel or metal plating
  • Slightly loose or wiggly posts
  • Discoloration or scruffs on the enamel filling or metal
  • Incorrect enamel fill colors


SECONDS: These pins typically have notable flaws that are visible to the naked eye, but are still great, especially for those on a budget. =] These are also priced at a 50% off discount, and are sometimes offered for free during sales or specials. These notable flaws might include any of the following:

  • Excessive bubbles or glitter
  • Low enamel fill in large areas
  • Chipped metal plating
  • Large dents or scratches
  • Missing or excessive offset in screen printed details


DISCLAIMER: Placing an order from Aisurupins indicates that you have read, understood, and agreed to my pin grading system. Pins purchased under their stated grading category are not eligible for refund, return, or exchange. Thank you for understanding! =]